The Music Studio

Here at the place is the music studio.

LOGO Music & Camping


There is an exercise room with about 25qm which can also be used for recording.

Inside are allready some instruments, amplifiers and a 800w JBL PA-system with a microphone mixer.

Downstairs in the basement is a cozy climatized audio control room with about 18qm.

The audio server is connected via fiber optics to the exercise room recording section.he recording section is based on a MOTU digital recording system drived by a hp-server (Z800) with a licenced Cubase Steinberg software.

It is possible to record more than 16 channels at once.

I own several different microphones (Schoeps, AKG, Shure…) to record vocals, different single instruments or a complete drumkit at once.

For electronic music productions I use hardware synthesizers different brands connected via audioline to the audio server. Softsynths by Native Instruments and selfdeveloped softsynths by licenced Synthmaker software are aviable on the system.

There is a small PA from JBL with about 4000w and six speakers in stock to do any spontaneous parties.

The house and the music studio are mainly wind and solar powered.


Inside the house is another guest room and still space for another five people and maybe more.


Whenever you got any questions or you like to produce in here please use the contact form.




Further on is a link to some free VST synths for Steinberg Cubase <8.5 and others.

free 32bit .dll Synths for VST 2.2

NOTE1 black

On the following link you can listen to some music I played in different bands and to some of the recordings I did with.



Your Hicke ;

3 thoughts on “The Music Studio

  1. Just visited your website — well likie… 🙂 would love to be in contact with you, or even visit you in the near future… I love Spain, everything Spanish… music, dance, people, food, sea, sun… and the rest… please email me to get in touch …

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