As I remember back we started the band Ping Slammy in the year 1995 in Holzkirchen near to Munich.

Christopher B. was the singer, Otto G. was playing the bassguitar, Sebastian M. was doing the drums and I was playing the electric guitar. And for some tracks Anna G. played the electric organ.

Christopher and I mainly wrote the songs for the band as we sat together in my flat drinking some vine or beer. We were inspired by the psychedelic music of the seventies and the punk rock of the eighties. But at least we went out own way.

After one year of exercising in 1996 we decided to record all our self produced songs on a CD.

We were quite lucky `cause we did our exercises already in a room of a recording studio. Werner the owner of the studio gave us a good deal for the recording.

We finished our first and only album of the band after about three weeks of production. The album was called “My Kind of Useless”.

And here`s a link to the album to listen in:

PING SLAMMY – My Kind of Useless



If you are interested to order an original CD you should contact Christopher B. via email.

With kind regards to all the fans and supporters of the band

Yours Hicke 😉NOTENSCHL black


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