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It was in february 2001 as we started the MANDORLA Trance Club in Cape Town. We were three partners, Justin, Michi and myself.

Some people said that our crew was doing the best trance events in town at that time. It was a lots of fun and even an unexpected success.

We took a place for rent in Observatory at the Lower-Main-Road. Before it was used as a restaurant. After about two month of setting up and renovating the place we started doing the first parties there. In the south African wintertime we had pumping parties and a full house.

Local and international DJs and Live-Acts were playing there and the atmosphere of the venue was extraordinary and indescribable.

On the weekends we had regularly about two hundred guest inside. The nights ended usually in the later morning time. Everybody was dancing and trancing the whole night.

I had a participation of about 20% of the business. My job was to do all the electronic stuff like the music system and to run the electronic of the club. We had a 4kw sound system for the dance floor and upstairs another one with I guess about 400 watts.

I really enjoyed that experience. It was one of the greatest adventures I ever had. It all had the taste of a fairy tail.

In august 2001 I had to return back to Germany and the place was still running…

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