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LOGO Music & Camping

Since 2016 I own a house with some land in Andalusia near Senes next to Almeria.

I´m decided to start some new projects and music productions with friends and customers.

At present I`m progressing setting up the place. First I want to do some uncomercial music productions with special friends for free. It seems that it will be opened for customers earliest in august 2019.

So I want to give musicians and artists the possibility to do their recordings and projects in peace and harmony.

There you can enjoy the beautiful nature, explore the area or just be yourself.

On the veranda and in the garden there is plenty of space for spontaneous music sessions.

Everyone should be free to unfold themselves artistically and fill up with energy to do their recordings with the best motivation.





The food is vegetarian and organic.

Dogs and animals are mainly wellcome.

There is a guest room in the house and there is plenty of space for tents or for mobile homes.

Tabernas and the next supermarkets are in a 15km distance. The sea and the beaches are about 40km to drive.

The next famous bigger city with an airport is Almeria in a 40km distance.

Whenever you got any questions or you are decided to do your further music production with me you can contact me on here or via mail.

I will keep you up to date about the further development on BLOGS & NEWS.

Thanks for your interests and with kind regards

Yours Hicke 😉

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